Raised in the eternally hot and dry climate of the Hades underworld, iron shackles around his ankles, Pretty Boy lived an agonising struggle of self-discovery. Being able to fit in is something he found difficult from birth, often questioning his soul’s existence and biological inheritance. From the outside, his beauty was one that saw no flaws. His skin was so smooth it was as if it had been soaked in cold water for hours, extracting only the finest aromatic, lush characteristics. His pale blue eyes shimmered with effervescence, highlighting the pink blush on his flawlessly carved cheeks. Pretty Boy’s physical appearance was deemed ‘out of this world’, but inside he felt like an outcast.

To be praised for your differences is not something the underworld encouraged; Pretty Boy’s immaculate appearance and ostentatious tendencies made him stand out amongst the discriminating, harrying creatures that accompanied his existence in the infernal abyss. Those that did not adhere to the demonising masculinity structures of Hades were brutally tortured and punished - something Pretty Boy endured often. Not a day went by in his adolescence where he did not question his existence in this realm, and the tough reality he tolerated by the faceless rulers in the House of Hades. Surrounded by blaring firestorms, wiping away silent tears that streaked down his perfectly sculpted cheekbones, in constant hope for a terrestrial land to foster his flamboyant transcendence.

Despite this harsh reality, Pretty Boy often used his charismatic nature and persuasive mannerisms to his benefit. His charm seemed to derive from his reflective smile and luscious wavy locks, but it was his dreamy disposition and mesmerising wit that cast a spell on those he met – and which would assist in his imminent escape. After years of mistreatment and misunderstanding, Pretty Boy finally began to accept all his characteristics, even those that were more colourful or feminine. His origin in Hades meant he developed a textural, crunchier style, with an impervious spirit so strong it could withstand the molten fury of Earth’s destructive lava. Pretty Boy’s internal awakening created an atmosphere so resilient, it allowed him to break free from the chains that bound his delicate being to the evil bigotry of the Hades underworld.

Embracing his self-identity, Pretty Boy’s soul engraved a permanent mark on his face, symbolising the number of years he spent trapped, unable to be himself. While he endured a troubled past, he does not resent what, in the end, made him stronger. He now lives out his perpetual existence without any fear of banishment or exclusion, rallying alongside his fellow allies and dissident delinquents to free others from distressed upbringings. Living his life as his true authentic self, his soul continues to engrave striking designs across his picturesque face – free, bold and empowered.

Written by Matthew Johansen