“High Crimes” 2021 Graciano 1.5L Cask

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While the Delinquente wines focus on Southern and Central Italian varieties, the grapes native to the warmer parts of Spain and Portugal and equally as at home in the sun-drenched Riverland. To this end, the Bassham family have planted a portion of their vineyard to an amalgam of hardy Iberian varieties, which is the focus of our “High Crimes” Bag in Box wines.

Graciano may seem like a weird variety for the Riverland - predominantly planted in Rioja and Navarra, cooler regions in the north of Spain – but its late ripening, holds acidity well and produces plush, aromatic fruit that stands up well in the heat. And in a cooler year, it really comes into its own, so we jumped at the chance to have a crack at the variety. Herbaceous, almost menthol aromatics jump out the glass, while the palate is all easy-going red berry fruits. Mild tannin and tingling acidity keep everything in check, creating a super drinkable, super versatile, really damn yummy box wine.

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